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Because we were from the wine industry we always found wine glass identifiers a good idea but poorly executed –we hated that the charms were generally old school and often fell off your glass but we especially hated that they rattled when you swirled your wine glass. Also after a glass of wine or two people often forgot which charm they’d been given.

We decided to develop our product GlassWhere(as in where's my glass) out of silicone so they would stick to the base of your stemware while also ensuring that you could easily write on it with any ballpoint pen and wipe it off afterwards for reuse. We added the usual CapaBunga® humor while also leaving space for a name – what a great way to get a party or conversation started!

No more jangling charms falling off your glass when you sip, no more annoying rattling when you swirl and definitely no more forgetting which one you were given, you can remember how to write your name when your sipping, can't you?

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